Gather your artwork files

Aesthetics can differentiate a good website from a bad website. When using platforms like Shopify, the store themes are prebuilt and you need to plug your logo into their pre-defined spaces. This means you need the ability to manipulate your artwork and product photos and be able to change their size (canvas). 

First, put all of your business logos into one folder on your computer so they are easy to find. Then check your computer and see if you have any photo editing software installed on it already.  If you don't, we recommend Pixelmator. It's free, easy to use, and they have a pro version for those that want it. It is also really good at removing the background on product photos.

Type of Files

There are three main file types that you will be working with:

  1. JPG - This means it is a picture. What you see is what you get. All of the files we upload to our website will be JPG.
  2. PNG - If it has been saved correctly, this means it does not have a background. Like a product photo that is only the product. When looking at it, a lot of times you see light and dark grey squares behind the product. This allows us to manipulate the size of the product on our canvas, before saving a copy as a JPG.
  3. TIFF - This means the picture has layers. So if you add text or graphics to a photo, you can still move the graphics around before saving a copy as a JPG. When you save a TIFF as a JPG, it compresses all the layers into one picture. This cannot be reversed so keep the TIFF as your main file type and save as many JPGs as you need from it. 

Product Photos

Your main product photos need to be photos you took (from your cell phone is perfectly fine), on a white background, and all the exact same size. Yes, this will be time consuming. It will also generate amazing results and make you a leader in your retail world. Your products will also look good on any platform you upload them to. 

studio lights

To get a white background, we like using a light box. You'll need a space in the back of your retail store to keep the light box setup and take 4-5 (minimum) pictures of every product in your store. You want different angles and keep your main picture consistent. We suggest either slightly angled to one side or straight on (front). Then take a left, right, top, and bottom photo. If a product only has one picture, consumers do not trust it, and will find a similar product that has more photos. They need to feel like they are handling it in your store. 

If you need help with your product catalog, we can help. Just choose from the photo options we have and ship us your product/s.