Google yourself

Skills Required: Beginner

What does your business listing look like when you Google your business?

Is it up to date? Did you know that if your business listing information is different than what is displayed on your website, Google knows? and they don't like it.

One of the easiest ways to make sure you show up well on searches is to make sure all of your information is up to date. So lets begin...

Step 1 - Search for your business using your exact business name. Before we even launched out site, Google had indexed (made a record) our site. There are several things I noticed right away:

  1. No tag line next to the business title. You can control what shows up in the results right from your website and from Google.
  2. No business information shows up on the right hand side of the search results. Information like store hours, phone number, address, or reviews show up. We need to fix this.
  3. No expanded links below our business. This comes with time and correct info to Google. 
  4. I had to use MKT for us to show up. Our goal is to get us to show up when people search for Checkout Marketing. We'll get there with time, but it's going to take action on our end, plus content on our site helps.

checkout marketing search results. Major information is missing.

Where is the business information?

Step 2 - Claim your Google My Business listing. Normally when you search for a business, you want the business information to show up. So let's try and figure out when a local grocery store opens for business. Below is a perfect example of our end goal.

local google search for a grocery store. perfect example of what we want.

On the right hand side, all of the information I am seeking is available to me. This is all controlled by you, not Google. If your listing does not look like this, you need to fix it immediately. Go create your Google My Business account and enter ALL of the information they ask for and upload some good pictures. Check this information regularly and keep it up to date; including your holiday hours and any other odd days that your business is closed. 

Note: if this is your first time entering your business information, Google will make you verify your business via USPS. Google will mail you a postcard with a code on it. That code will need to be entered into your account once you get it. Keep an eye out for it. You will not be able to enter some business information until that card has arrived.

Step 3 - Now, go do the exact same thing on Bing Places for Business

Congrats! with those three steps done, you're on your way to taking complete control of your online presence. In case you are struggling with this, we can help (we'd rather you do it so you know how, but we understand you may need help). Just send us a task.